Mrs. Guy's reading classes wrote poems using personification!

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The sun runs.
The sun runs because it’s happy
And because the moon is keeping it company.
And it is having fun.
The rain sings.
It’s feeling lonely and it needs a friend
And then it starts to feel happy.
The flowers laugh.

By Allegra

The Nautural Sky
The grass sings because the wind
The grass sings loud and proud in a field of grass.
The sun runs to cool off because it's hot

By Desjuante

It was Christmas Eve.
The wind was smiling.
The grass was frowning.
Moon jumped and the night zoomed by.
The sun sings on Christmas morning.

By James

Personification Poem

The comedian's hair laughs in class.
The grass frowns at the dinner table while eating liver.
Eyes sing for the laughing hair on Pluto beautifully.
And in space the stars dance terribly for the moon at the Milky Way.

By Jai

My Weird Day
Flowers run because they need to lose weight.
They keep growing in the garden.
Stars sing in the lovely night.
They act like they are superstars in space.
Frowns tickle because the stars love to sing upon your face.
Smiles jump and light up your face at a party in your name.

By Malik

Nature's Happiness

The grass swings because it dances in the wind
Swinging to and fro in a grassy field.
Flowers sing because it's a beautiful day
Blowing in the wind, in a meadow.
The sun is tickled to shine on people and things
Shining on a field in the blue sky.
A girl's eyes smile
She's happy watching the ocean making a happy look
On a sandy beach.

By Nyla

The flowers sing on the green grass.
While the sun smiles cheerfully in the big blue sky.
The stars dance, twinkling in the night, as the rain tickles the earth
Bang, bang, bang, in the sky.

By Idania

The Funny Poem

My eyes sing.
Looking forward to choir practice on my school bus.
The Rain smiles a big cheesy smile in Florida.
Hair Laughs out loud.
It has never been brushed.
Flowers do the Cupid Shuffle in the garden.

By Ben

The flowers laugh when the sun told a funny story.
The rain runs when it’s happy from falling from the sky at night.
My hair dances when I wash my it in the kitchen and put it in the light.
My eyes sing when I’m asleep in my mom’s room
Then when I try to wake up they shout, “DON`T WAKE UP! PLEASE!”
My eyes love to sing when I’m asleep.

By Jatoria

The grass dances on the ground.
The wind runs in the sky.
The rain tickles my face.
The sun smiles in the sky.

By Heather 12/13/07

The Natural Sky

The grass sings because of the wind.
The grass sings loud and proud in a field of grass .
The sun ran off to cool off in the water of a lake
In the sky filled with fluffy clouds.
The stars sing to show their feelings
Jumping like little balls up and down in a dark, starry night.

by Desjuante

The times of Mother Nature
The wind laughs when the flower said a joke.
The day flew by which made the day run.
The grass sung a beautiful song in the morning.
The flowers smile right after they get watered.

By: Daeja

Things We Don’t Know

The moon smiles because it is quick
And everyone is a sleep in the sky.
The hair wiggles because it is working
Out to run 12 miles on a head.
Eyes tickle they when it is sunrise on the moon.
Grass runs because they don't like to get wet in the morning in a Greenhouse.

By Jarrett

Tira’s Poem!

Stars dance horribly at the moons party.
My eyes run fast in the park.
They cannot find anything to look at.
My hair smiles in the bathroom as I brush it slowly.
The light sings beautifully outside because it is sunny.

By Tira

What Happens in Nature

Wind dances with the sun slowly in a glistening field.
The poor grass frowns because it's dry and needs water.
It frowns sadly because it needs water in the yard.
The sun sings wonderfully because it is happy in a cloudless sky.
Our moon laughs wildly because all the stars tickle moon in the beautiful sky that glistens in the light of the moon in the starry night.
If you look into the sky you will see how beautiful the sky really is in the night.
The stars shine brightly in the wonderful sky so bright and full of stars.

By: Andrea

Wind laughs from the rain and sun
The wind goes away from laughing so much in a light day.
Another day a person’s eyes run away.
The eye ran away because he moved them so much and they were in a room so he did see.
Flowers sang because the plant got water and the person got his eyes back.
Stars tickle because the moon made them ticklish on Christmas Eve night.

By Kyle

One day the wind was blowing.
The wind blew over suns nose.
Wind tickled sun nose and sun jumped.
Sun jumped and flew all the way to space and fell all the way back to earth and hit moon.
Moon wiggled down, down, down to the ground.

By David

The sun laughs.
She is happy.
A boy talks to her.
He says you’re making me wiggle in this field
In slow motion.
Now I’m in the dark.
The moon is jumping very fast at the playground
Singing a song.
Then the boy starts to frown.
He is tired.
They all go to sleep.

By Caitlyn

The sun frowns
In the winter starless sky.
Moon dances happily
He won a new car.
Grass smiles
kids stop stepping on him.
In the dark glow of the school.
Flowers sing happily outside the school
School is over.

By Miguel